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Babies, children and youth are reincarnated Spirits in the stage of improvement, endowed with the skills and experiences developed throughout their multiple existences.  In the Spiritist Center, Spiritist Education groups provide a special moment of interaction, learning, reflection, sharing of experiences and building bonds of friendship and fraternity among participants. It aims to promote connections with oneself, with others and with God, providing opportunities for studying and experiencing Jesus’ teachings through the lenses of Spiritism.

Lesson Plans

Babies & Parents-to-be

Spiritist Education for Babies and Parents-to-be and suggestions for class activities.

Young Children (3-6)

Spiritist Education for Children, ages 3 to 6, and suggestions to develop during class activities.

Children (6-9)

Spiritist Education for Children, ages 6 to 9, and suggestions to develop during class activities.

Pre-Teens (9-12)

Spiritist Education for Pre-Teens and suggestions to observe during class activities.

Teenagers (13-18)

Spiritist Education for Teenagers and suggestions to develop during class activities.


Young Adult (19-25)

Spiritist Education for Young Adult and suggestions to develop during class activities.

Spiritist Education - TBA


spiritist family study group

“The child is like a seedbed, the adolescent is a like a fertilized field, the adult is like a crop in production. Thus, the harvest will depend on the quality of the seed.”
– Amelia Rodrigues

Family Study Group



  • The Family Study Group is a meeting primarily for parents/guardians, but other adults in the family are welcome as well, since all of them play a role in the education of children and youth.
  • This study group focuses on family related topics, based on Jesus’ teachings and the Spiritist doctrine.
  • It is an essential part of the Family, Children and Youth Spiritist Education Department, as it emphasizes the role of parents/guardians in their children’s spiritual education.
  • It is not a Counseling Group of any type (neither for couples, families, or individuals).


  • Provide parents/guardians and family members with tools to educate themselves and, therefore, become better educators.
  • Understand the family structure through the view of the immortal Spirit, bringing awareness to parents/guardians’ responsibility towards those under their care in this present incarnation.
  • Promote more active parent/guardian participation in the Family Spiritist Education Department, as a critical element to achieve the goals of the spiritual education of the families, children and youth.
  • Create an environment to study family life related topics and a bridge between Jesus’ teachings under the Spiritism’s perspective and their application in everyday life.
  • Open the channels of communication between parents/guardians and educators, so they can support each other’s role in the children and youth education.
  • This study group does not have the purpose of replacing the study of the main books of the Spirits’ Doctrine.


  • It is suggested that the meetings take place once a week for approximately 60-90 minutes on the same set date/time.
  • If the Spiritist institution has the ability, it is recommended that the family study group take place concurrently with the Children and Youth Spiritist Education classes.
  • It is important to start the meeting with a prayer and an inspirational message (optional).
  • It is recommended that this study group have an interactive format to allow participants to discuss and reflect on the topic. Coordinators may use slide presentations, worksheets or other interactive activities to make the meetings more engaging.
  • There is no need to rush to conclude a topic. Discussions can be continued over a period of more than one meeting.
  • After the closing prayer, passes can be given at the Spiritist Institution’s discretion.


  • Ideally, there should be two coordinators leading the Family Study group.
  • It is not required for coordinators to be professionally skilled in any particular field, such as psychology, sociology, etc. However, they must have knowledge of the Spiritist Doctrine, be part of the FYCSE department, and be active members of the Spiritist Center.
  • It is important that the Family Study Group coordinators meet on a consistent basis (for example, once every 2 weeks), along with all the other educators, to study and discuss each groups’ particular needs.
  • The group’s coordinators must be welcoming and non-judgmental, allowing participants to share and learn from each other’s experiences.
  • The group’s coordinators should keep the conversation focused, giving all participants an equal opportunity to engage, keeping any participant from taking over the discussion.

Study & Support Materials

Gospel According to Spiritism

The Spirits' Book by Allan Kardec

Family Constellation by Divaldo Franco, Spirit Joanna de Angelis

Heart and Soul by Francisco Xavier, Spirit Emmanuel

Jesus in the Home by Francisco Xavier, Spirit Neio Lucio

Our Daily Bread by Francisco Xavier, Spirit Emmanuel

USSF Bookstore!


Visit the USSF bookstore and get your support materials.

There you will find several Spiritist books for all ages, that will defenetivelly help you, as well as, on your family education.

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Let’s Work Together!

”Go forth then and take the Divine words (…) gather your courage and decision and go forward like an imposing phalanx! Set to work! The plough is ready, the soil awaits, now is the time to plough!”
(Erastus – The Gospel According to Spiritism – Chap 20 – Item 4)