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This is an area for Spiritist educators of different age groups, many resources (lesson plans, videos, projects, games, music, etc.).

family home


Support material for parents as well as for the whole family. Intructions on how to use the spiritist education in the family setting.


Kids corner. Here children and Youth will find many materials from videos, musics, games, etc.. Don’t forget to ckick for more information!


More Spiritist resources, such as  blogs, group activities, movies, books, arts (music, storytelling, play, crafts…) and much more.

Who We Are

FYCSE is the “Family, Youth and Children Spiritist Education” Department of the USSF.  It was created in 2019 to address the specialized needs related to Spiritism education of youth, children and families.


Mission & Goals

The FYCSE department focuses on the unique needs of teaching Spiritism to children, youth and families, the skills needed to understand and apply the principles of Spiritism to our family life, and ways of dealing with our life experiences in the context of our family and the community.

This department will work with Spiritist centers and groups across the USA to identify ongoing needs, develop and centralize resources and provide opportunities for exchange, networking and training.  Additionally, it will represent the USA at an international level.

It also hopes to further unify the Spiritist centers and groups across the USA by building bridges and collecting information that will help in the dissemination of Spiritism.

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Children Youth Family | CEI

“[…] moral education… consists in the art of forming character… is the sum of acquired habits”

– Allan Kardec (The Spirits’ Book, q. 685)

"...We are God’s children because we are products of the divine work.”

The Spirits’ Book, q&a 77

- What would be the result for society if family ties were relaxed? “A magnification of selfishness.”

The Spirits’ Book, q&a 775


7th spiritist youth retreat

7th Spiritist Youth Retreat - 2021

Friday, May 21(8:00PM to 10:00PM EST)
Saturday, May 22 (7:30PM to 10:00PM EST)


An amazing event for teens and young adults, with lots of interactive activities about life’s journey. A great opportunity to see old friends and make new ones!

youth talks about mediumship

PANEL: Youth's Take on Mediumship

An special youth session on the 15th US Spiritist Symposium
Sunday, June 6th 2021 at 4 pm EDT

15th US Spiritist Symposium-Youth

15th US Spiritist Symposium

June 5th  & 5th 2021 | 2pm – 5:30pm (EDT)

“This is our role in the world, lead the children towards Jesus”  -Meimei